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William M. Luxford


Dr. Luxford was born, raised, educated and still living and working within a 40-mile radius of downtown Los Angeles. His father, a chiropractor, and mother, who developed bilateral severe/profound hearing loss at an early age led him to medicine and the field of otolaryngology.

After working with House group physicians during his residency, Dr. Luxford decided to complete a fellowship in neurotology at House Clinic and Institute. He joined the group shortly thereafter, helping Dr. William House expand his cochlear implant research as a treatment for deafness in adults and children. Over the years. Dr. Luxford has had the opportunity to provide care for adults and children with a variety of problems related to hearing or balance. One of his great pleasures is seeing patients he carried into the operating room as infants to return to see him as university graduates.


  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County


  • Loyola University, Bachelor of Science Los Angeles 1971
  • University of Southern California/Keck School 1975 of Medicine, MD 1975


  • University of Southern California/Los Angeles County Medical Center


  • Department of Otolaryngology University of Southern California/Los Angeles County Medical Center 1980


  • House Ear Clinic / House Ear Institute 1981


  • Cochlear Implants adults and children


American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

American Medical Association

Los Angeles County Medical Association

Los Angeles Society of Otolaryngology

California Medical Association

American Neurotology Society, April, 1985

Pacific Coast Ophthalmological and Otological Society, 1986 (PCOOS)

North American Skull Base Society, 1989 (NASBS)

Recent Publications

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