The team at the House Children’s Hearing Center (HCHC) understands your concerns as parents and guardians. Not only do we want you to communicate with us, but we also invite you to be an active partner in your child’s care, and we’re here to help through every step of the journey.  

The new HCHC brings together a legacy team of physicians and researchers, dedicated audiologists specialized in cochlear implants and hearing aids for children 0-21, and a caring group of healthcare professionals to provide education and family support.  

In addition to our outstanding healthcare credentials, our patient services programs have been built by those who understand personally special needs in themselves or their children, the ways in which the family must navigate the school system to provide the best opportunities for success, overcoming obstacles as a child advocate and how to take the best care of yourself so you can be healthy and present for your child. Our physicians, audiologists, researchers, therapists, and patient services team are with you every step of your family’s hearing health journey.  We are not afraid to partner with complementary organizations to bring our families the best that hearing health can offer, we will educate you, hold your hand, give hugs and high-fives, laugh with you, cry with you and celebrate every small step of success. 

Our Services


Emotional and educational support for patients and their families throughout their hearing health journey.


Providing resources and referrals for mental health, education, counseling, and parent/family support.


Mental health therapist available to service patients 1:1, family meetings, and group sessions.

Patient Navigator

This liaison serves as the go-to person for supportive services and guidance on patient advocacy.


Host informative and educational events for patients, professionals, and the general public.

Hearing Loss Prevention Curriculum in Schools

Build a full curriculum to share with school systems teaching middle-schoolers the importance of hearing health and the consequences of noise exposure.

Interagency Collaboration

Network with complementary agencies to enhance our center’s offerings by providing remediate educational services for children through teachers of the deaf, Auditory Verbal Therapy, and a Listening and Spoken Language Speech and Language Pathologist.

IEPS (Individualized Educational Program)

Attend school-based educational rights meetings assisting families with accommodations in the school system.

Our Team

Claudia Villegas-Avalos

Claudia Villegas-Avalos

Patient Navigator

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